Playing the Starburst Slots Machine – A Popular Slots Game

Playing the Starburst Slots Machine - A Popular Slots Game

If you’re new to online casino then you should definitely try your hand at playing in Starburst Slots. This is actually one of the newer progressive slots machines on the market. With it you basically get to play three cards at a time. They rotate clockwise around the machine and when all three cards hit the bottom they spin counter-clock wise.

Players will get lucky with this progressive slot machine and win money as well as other prizes. There have been some complaints by players however, about how the game is fixed, which results in them getting nothing back from it. In this case, the developers have issued an apology to their players. They have also offered free spins on their other two slot games for those who join their memberships.

Basic mechanics of Starburst Slots

Playing the Starburst Slots Machine - A Popular Slots Game

The basic mechanics of the game are quite simple. It starts by having a deck of cards laid out on a table. Two coins are placed into the center of the deck. These coins are small and don’t cost anything. The two symbols on the cards face up next to the coins. The two symbols represent the left and right position of the two card decks.

A small metal ring appears on the lower half of the screen. The two horizontal lines mark the exact middle of this ring. This is where the free play begins in the starburst slots game. You start out by selecting a symbol from the two spaces below the coins.

When you choose a symbol, you will see a circle with two numbers beside it on the lower half of the screen. The numbers will change as you move your mouse over them. The number closest to the mouse will be the one that will activate the free plays for starburst slots players.

The two numbers that are beside the circle will change as you change your choice of symbols. To make it even more fun, the colors of the icons used in the games are also different. There are green, red, yellow, and orange icons. You will need to choose a color before you move your mouse over any of these colors to trigger the payout.

If you win a few times on this machine, expect to see some nice payouts. Some people have been getting 80% paying slot machine winnings playing Starburst Slots online. There are many different websites that offer a guide on how to increase your chances of winning these good paylines. It will take some work but it is well worth it when you see your online slots bankroll add up. You might want to try these strategies every once in a while so that you can build up a healthy bankroll for future games.

Win some quick money in Online Casino Malaysia

Playing Online Casino Malaysia with Starburst Slots is a good way for you to win some quick money. Using the tips and tricks listed here will help you succeed when you want to maximize your Starburst Slots slot earnings. Just make sure you do not spend all your savings on this one slot game because there are plenty of Online Casino Malaysia slot games that offer high payouts.

When you play Starburst Slots online you should be aware of its payout speed and which reels are used. The reels are the very center of winning with this popular online slots game. To be successful, you need to select the reels that have the best paying paylines. There are five types of reels available for use with this popular game.


Reels can be easily identified by their colors. Green means the line is going to rotate around the three bars. Red means that the line will rotate around three coins and yellow indicates that the line will rotate around two coins. When you see the skyline or number of coins associated with that reel on the online slots game display screen you need to click on it to start playing that reel. Some online slots games will tell you which reels are being used for specific Starburst Slots games.

Although, there are some people who claim that there are a number of different ways to win with Starburst Slots there are still many that prefer using the well known method of trying to identify the reels that will rotate the starburst pattern. This method has proven to be very effective for most slot machine users. Playing on the Starburst Slots can give you a good chance at winning big jackpots because of the consistent high payouts of the machine. Even if you are losing, there is always a chance at hitting it big when you play the Starburst Slots.

Playing the Starburst Slots Machine – A Popular Slots Game
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